Lorca gas stove in the kitchen safer

09/12/2016 1 View
Lorca gas stove with auto ignition power, designed inside the combustion chamber and is active when the control button is safe and simple to use, high reliability.

Using gas stove is the traditional way of cooking, economic and security to help protect the environment. However, recently in Hanoi happened a few accidents stem from incidents explosive gas used for cooking in the household. This is an alarming problem, because the gas is used quite a lot in almost every family in the big city and is one of the fuels commonly used in the world today.

Explosion causes mainly due to the quality of the gas and gas are being sold on the market, due to the current gas suppliers are mostly small dealers, but consumers absolutely no control over quality gas above.


Product Name: GAS KITCHEN - TA803C


Model: TA803C

  1. 03 kitchen oven (oven 02 to + 01 small oven)
  2. Pep tunnel mode to save gas
  3. Dual ignition system with battery
  4. Porcelain cast iron safe
  5. Gas sensor automatic eye safety
  6. Tempered glass, rounded edges luxury glass
  7. Inox stainless tray
  8. Glass Dimensions: 760x450mm
  9. Carved stone size: 705x395mm

The principle of operation is the use of gas stoves to provide heat within combustion, no period of intermediate heat, flames will transfer heat to the cookware from the oven opening. You can adjust the flame directly by hand. Gas stove powered by clean energy, combustion will generate carbon monoxide. It has no calories and no residual odors. So manufacturers use gas hydrogen sulfide gas (odorous) to easily detect gas leakages. However, with gas stove origin is not clear will not stop the fire from the gas cylinder and shoddy.
Dealing with the situation above, a part of customers are switching to use gas stoves imported CBU from Europe (to be rated as the best gas stove on the market today), with safety gas shutoff systems. And some families with higher income levels Switching to magnetic induction cooker, saving, efficient, safe and high aesthetic value.

Lorca - the Group's largest household appliance Spain has been present in Vietnam for nearly 10 years. This is the brand holds the trust of customers about the quality and level with product lines such as gas cookers, electric cookers Vitroceramic, magnetic induction stove, oven, microwave, washing machine, dryer, as caused dishwasher, hood deodorant, automated cabinets, refrigerators ... All of Lorca products ensure strict standards of Europe and achieved certifications such as ISO 9000-2000 (International Organization for Standardization), ISO 14001-2001, CE (Comformance de Europe), EFQM (European foundation for quality management) ...
Lorca has three ring gas stove fire, suitable for cooking habits of Asians, is the appropriate choice when you use a wok or large pot by the size of a large combustion chamber with a large capacity. Additionally, with automatic ignition power is designed inside the combustion chamber and it is active when the control button is safe and simple to use, for greater durability compared to many times other types of electric ignition with up to 40,000 times life cooking.

With automatic gas shutoff systems, you no longer have to worry about anything. When random flame is turned off, the system safety valve will automatically disconnect the gas. Automatic gas shutoff function works by the thermal sensor. When the kitchen having trouble abnormalities such fire inadvertently spilled pot of water to the fire department division below or irregular flame, heat sensors are located next to the train will automatically disconnect gas division. Kitchens offer automatic gas shutoff function with ignition time of 3-5 seconds, the thermal sensor help identify the changes in temperature, then automatically open the gas valve on the stove to cook, so absolutely safe .