Consultant choosing to buy a gas stove for safety and savings

09/12/2016 26 View
With economic times rapidly developing country today, each family of 1 to 2 a gas stove is very normal thing. However, synonymous with economic development, the market there are many types of gas stoves famous brands from Spain, Italy or Japan as Fagor, Faber, Teka, Napoli, Rinnai ... makes people procurement of neurosis and messing up not knowing what to purchase gas stoves for their families and fits within your budget. For that reason, New Kitchen boldly advice, share to you how to select the appropriate purchase gas stoves for families.

Tư vấn cách chọn mua bếp ga hợp lý


Regarding the selection of a gas stove.

According best to limit the risk of unfortunate happens, you should buy a gas stove in the large venues, prestige, credibility with the major brands of Japanese, Spanish, Italian as Teka gas cooker, Rinnai, Napoli, Faber, Fagor ...

For gas cylinders.

Should choose the official dealer stores of gas company. Also you should check for anti-counterfeiting stamp such as anti-counterfeiting stamps still be shooting on the bottle valve. Check bottles with brand names braille stamping station, the nine digits in handle on the gas cylinder coincides with the brand name printed on the body in order to ensure genuine gas cylinders.

Experience when purchasing a gas stove glass negative.

Gas range is designed and installed for modern homes, luxury including glass, kitchen cabinets linked into a system. Glass submerged parts of the kitchen floor, only the glass, parts tray is well above the tripod so you should have the correct choice, evaluated according to the following factors:

* Manufacturer technology Spain, Italy or Japan.

* The kitchen (stainless steel, stone, enameled, glass) you should choose bearing glass 8mm thick and easy to clean.

* Induction heating system: Experience the shared kitchen you should choose this system for terminal interrupt function automatically ensures absolute safety. To recognize this system, you only need to check on a tip tray small tripod knob or not.

* Wheels division includes two types of fire but you should select wheels made of bronze Asia will have high reliability and save more gas.

* System Tray tripod: Choose 304 stainless steel tray enamelled tripod moderate elevations avoid gas consumption.

* The knob should choose durable metal is not broken.

* Belly Kitchen: select the type of thick, definitely.

* Ga navigation system: with elbows bent pipe rotation to avoid the station.

* Depending on the number of family members to the bottoms of the kitchen to match.

Please share experiences choose a gas stove like the ocean under the following criteria:

* Top brass fire to easy congestion rusted rays terminal lead.

* Front-bearing gas stove glass for easy cleaning.

* The plate gas stove shooting and relatives just to clean stainless steel has not been hung.

* Kitchen should have auto-lock off and flooded the station.

* Always choose a lighter button and adjust the common terminal instead of turn knobs and levers to adjust the station by not convenient manipulation. Prices may be high, but this is slightly lower tooling required high safety should not regret the money if you choose.

* The skeleton structural steel kitchen will be very solid and durable, no termites, rust ..

* The kitchen should use heat resistant toughened glass has a clean easy to clean, just beautiful

* Type of save gas stove, with parameters on the stove

* Wheels division twisted copper fire will make the fire-fighting focus does not leak to the outside temperature.

* Several types of Rinnai stove or Faber many users, and is evaluated as good, the price is very reasonable, only about 2tr

If you find the above information should be helpful to share or recommend for people to experience buying gas stove to avoid spending money on quack.