Use kitchen more subtle electromagnetic gas stove?

09/12/2016 8 View
Recently rising gas prices, a strong influence on people. On the other hand the gas-related incident has left many people have gradually shifted from stoves and electric stoves from.


With modern features, the electromagnetic induction cooker and kitchen priority is people's choice. Cooker not burn oxygen should not generate CO2, using electromagnetic stove makes your kitchen space to add more fresh, the kitchen from the rapid heating feature will help you cook more quickly ... But a something that many people have been preparing want to use electromagnetic induction cooker and kitchen still wonder electromagnetic stove using more economical gas stove?

According to the Statistical Office of the United States, they have tested and offer conclusions about the performance of the stoves when used as follows:





TIME boil

(2 liters)


 ENERGY boil 

(2 liters)

Bếp từ


 4 phút 56 giây 


Bếp hồng ngoại

(Bếp quang)


9 phút


Bếp điện


9 phút 50 giây


Bếp gas


8 phút 18 giây




Thus, using electromagnetic stove, especially the kitchen, it would be more advantageous from a gas stove on the ability to save energy, which is pulled by economically more profitable.

However, when choosing and using electromagnetic stove or gas stove, you must consider many aspects. Despite being rated as very good and save more but electromagnetic stove is not without drawbacks such as pot Cooker or cocoon, very inconvenient to the power failure at the other hand the general costs of all kinds electromagnetic stove is often higher than the gas stove. So choose what kind of kitchen for use also depends on many factors of your family