Tips when using a gas stove

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Gas stove appeared quite long and is still widely used in almost every home as the ability to use simple, consistent with electrical energy conditions are not as stable as in our country. However, gas prices rising so gas stove losing its position and it is not easy to regulate and how to handle fire safety, the most economical.

Placement kitchen and storage

Absolutely not to gas stove in a closed room, located in well-ventilated places, but avoid direct drafts.

Should lower gas stove and a stove about 1.5 meters; place the vertical.

Gas stove is placed in a well ventilated area to avoid the wind but

Conductor gas from cylinders to the kitchen not to twist, always been led straight to agree gas. Ensure rubber hose does not touch the gas transfer apparatus of the gas stove or trapped underneath them.

Restricting the kitchen spilled feed, if available right off the kitchen and cleaned immediately to avoid rust and longest lifespan for galleys.

If the kitchen is not used in a long time, they must lock cylinder valve to ensure safety and wastage of gas not.

When using

Do not turn on the fan when cooking because the fire will be turned, heat is not concentrated at the bottom of the pot, gas-consuming.

Avoid touching stirrups while using or as soon as he finished using the kitchen, which can cause burns. Designed just for cooking should restrict fabrics dried on the stove because it may cause a fire.

If the flame is not blue are, to lock gas valve immediately to check the kitchen.

If you notice unusual gas stove fire, gas leakage phenomenon, should lock cylinder valve immediately and check the gas stove or shower and wash off with water.

Always make sure the fire throat (lotus) are close together, while gas will not spill out too much, fires are not dangerous.

Do not go out when you're using gas stoves. Before you leave the house or go to bed should check again to make sure that the knob ON / OFF is taken place and gas valves are locked.

When deactivated

Gas cylinder valve to ensure no leakage and gas safety following times for gas lighters are not too many.

Check ducts periodically because if the old station and gas detectors are easy to creep out wasteful and dangerous.

When unsafe phenomenon, should call a professional to inspect and repair as subjective in the use of gas stoves can lead to serious consequences.

Saving Gas

Moderate flame, kitchen fit pan-pan sizes will save a significant amount of gas.

An operation that few housewives know that it is after opening the gas valve for a while and then let up on the gas stove fire, so the fire will not be burning gas consumption has not been cited by the kitchen.

Prepare the food to be cooked to cook continuously until the end of the processing, opening intercontinental off gas stoves and gas consumption as well as reducing the life of the kitchen. Using the larger pan size diameter a little kitchen, a moderate flame, the largest radius in the bottom pot, when boiling food should turn down the fire will not cause waste heat to the surroundings.

The type of pressure cooker, aluminum pot will help save gas by fast heat conduction. Could use more metal rings, heating mesh wrap around shower split the fire to increase the heat to save on gas.



Product Name: GAS KITCHEN - TA828C


Model: TA828C

  1. Kitchen oven equal 02
  2. Pep tunnel mode to save gas
  3. Dual ignition system with battery
  4. Porcelain cast iron safe
  5. Gas sensor automatic eye safety
  6. Tempered glass, rounded edges luxury glass
  7. Inox stainless tray
  8. Glass Dimensions: 760x450mm
  9. Carved stone size: 705x395mm