Some tasty dishes with the kitchen

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To process the braised dishes, security, tunneling, ... inherently prospective meticulously without spending a lot of time, from the kitchen is the workhorse for you and your family.

Some tasty dishes made from kitchen from:

Beef rib stew pot red apple, lotus seeds, sorghum ship


Beef rib stew pot dishes will be processed faster with kitchen from

Raw materials include beef ribs 700g, 100g dried red apple, lotus seeds 200g. Also, you need to add shiitake 10 wings, 200g vermicelli soaked ships, scallions, a few kinds of fresh mushrooms to drop into the pot.

Beef ribs washed, cut into bite size pieces for software security, lotus seeds soaked in water for a while and place in security and beef ribs. When the meat has softened, add red apples, seasoning with seasoning soup, sauce for flavor and little black mushroom in the same module.

When you eat, you put the pot on the stove, clean the disc with all kinds of fresh mushrooms and vermicelli, vermicelli and eat mushrooms anywhere to drop it and walked out in soup for flavor.

Tofu in tomato sauce with fresh mushrooms


Raw materials including 4 pieces of tofu, shiitake mushrooms 100g fresh, ripe tomatoes 3 fruit, cooking oil, green onion, fish sauce, seasoning.

Tofu washed, sliced to taste, pan fried in oil, fatty fish out to dry. At first you practice for non-aromatic, finely chopped tomatoes to fry until tender, adding a little water to make the sauce, seasoning sauce, seasoning to taste. Next you for tofu, shiitake mushrooms into sauce simmer for about 5 minutes, while the sauce boil or beans are soaked pieces, remove from the heat, sprinkle with chopped green onions and then laid out on the disk.

Crispy garlic sauce Carp


Raw fresh carp including a child, leaving the gills and intestines, wash and drain the water. You need to add vegetable oil, fish sauce, a lemon, a teaspoon of sugar, a little white vinegar, 5 cloves garlic minced peeled, thinly sliced red peppers one.

Carp can be about 3.5 cm thick slices or leave whole. Then you heat the oil in a frying pan, fry fish, the average temperature to avoid burnt fish that are inside the nine issues, flip fish and fried fish out both sides and remove the oil filter paper lined plate.

You fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, garlic, lemon, chili entered bowl, stir, add a little water can be filtered to remove salt, season to taste and served with fried fish. Food can be served with lettuce and herbs.