Schott Ceran glass Learn products used in high-end kitchens.

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When learning about the kitchen, electric stove from sure you will encounter quite strange terms such as Schott Ceran glass Schott Ceran glass ... So what is? Where production? Why is used as the kitchen?

SCHOTT Ceran glass is what?

Schott Ceran phrase is actually collapse of Schott + Ceramic. Because this is not the glass that is CERAMICS Ceramic GLASS. Ceramic glass ceramic essentially see through the nature of the surface as the conventional black glass but hardness, heat resistance, such as ceramic tile Paving.


Schott Ceran glass is manufactured from high quality float glass, heated to softening point (700 ° C) and then rapidly cooled by blowing cold air onto the glass surface evenly and precisely to freeze the compressive stress on the glass surface and forming ultra-fine membrane bearing.

Where production?

Ceran® Schott glass is manufactured in the factory of the international technology group SCHOTT in Mainz - Germany. SCHOTT is an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in the field of glass and materials technologies. SCHOTT ranked number one in the world in many of its products. Its core markets are household appliances, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, solar, transportation and architecture industries.

Physical properties?

SCHOTT glass CERAN® is a very hard, durable and rugged. There are several experiments demonstrated mechanical strength of the glass, it can withstand high impact loads than the international standard.
- Thermal expansion is almost zero.
- Stable even higher temperatures.
- Withstands efficient mechanical effects with the effect of environmental forces.
- Optimization of heat transfer through the glass (for the electric stove - infrared).
- Feature-oriented heat transfer nearly 0 (only hot cooking zone, can touch the area around without heat).
- Thermal shock resistance, cracking the glass (can experiment with ice water poured onto the glass while boiling).

Why is used to manufacture the kitchen?

The work requires daily cooking stove to generate a relatively large amount of heat to the food cooked. Therefore, the stove must have a load-bearing glass, heat resistant for a long time, is resistant to scratches and excellent thermal shock. The SCHOTT Ceran glass requirements are meet. Before putting into use: quality, reliability and performance of the glass cooking SCHOTT Ceran has been put to the test more than a million times.


SCHOTT Ceran glass ceramic is a high-end, made from special glass ceramic. Glass ceramic is a high-quality materials, has many significant features, ceramic glass is resistant against sudden temperature shocks up to 750 ° C. Thermal conductivity of glass ceramics are very low, so if you cook from the region only exposed bottom of the pot will heat the remaining areas will be totally not hot outside.
Moreover SCHOTT glass also environmentally friendly because it does not contain heavy metals such as arsenic and antimony toxic.
At this point you have probably SCHOTT Ceran glass understand why the producers applied to the kitchen, right?

How to Tell the kitchen SCHOTT Ceran glass used

To reduce product costs, some employers kitchen SCHOTT Ceran glass often counterfeited mislead consumers. The following features will help you avoid buying kitchen use shoddy glass:
- Schott Ceran glass surface is always close company name at the top corner of the kitchen.
- Schott Ceran glass surface when viewed in the light tubes or light bulbs usually will see a side view of a rolling ridge, and shiny glass joint venture forth without degrees.
- Schott Ceran glass surface can wear deep chamfer, achieving high aesthetic level, but can usually only grinding glass edges.