Chậu rửa bát TA 293VL copy

Chậu rửa bát TA 293VL copy

Liên hệ

• Chậu 02 hố, có bàn trái
• Chất liệu: Inox
• Kích thước: 920x440 mm

Yes, it’s true. Instant Articles open on mobile devices really quickly.

But that’s just the beginning of it. Instant Articles are buttery smooth and addictive. Once you’ve read a few, you’ll never want to go back.

The Facebook-native format is packed with innovative ways to tell deeply engaging, interactive stories. Thanks to the powerful, built-in media features and customizable typographic elements, Instant Articles gives you awesome new editorial tools to use while delivering a decidedly superior experience for your readers.

More than half of Instant Articles readers scroll 90% of the way through their articles, while, historically, 38% of web readers haven’t made it past the first line of other online media.

This article gives you a quick highlight tour of Instant Articles features and shows you how to make magic with the format. You’ll be happy to find that Instant Articles are not only delightful but surprisingly easy to create.

All photographs are interactive by default. When tapped an image will expand to fill the screen, then readers can tilt the phone back and forth to explore the margins.


This caption becomes visible once you enter the slideshow by tapping the first image. Kimson Doan/Unsplash


Each photo in a slideshow can have its own caption. Peter Dargatz/Pixabay


This is the third photo of the slideshow. blanaru/iStock


The fourth photo of the slideshow. Christian Beirle González/Getty Images


The fifth photo of the slideshow. Ole Spata/EyeEm

Slideshow Example

The slideshow caption is visible in-line in the main body of the story. You can also add individual captions for each image in the gallery, which become visible only after entering the slideshow. Tap on the first image to open it.