Lorca is a kitchen brand from Spain and a kitchen brand that has been in Vietnam for many years. Most of Lorca's products use European components and meet the high standards of quality and other requirements of the European Community. However, the place where each product is assembled in different countries. This is an indispensable trend in reducing costs and leveraging the technological strength and human resources of each country. Familiar locations assemble Lorca's kitchen stoves: Germany, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.
By exploring and applying fire to life, humanity has freed itself from the wild. Today, with the advancement of science, especially quantum physics, the invention of electricity has once again unleashed the power of labor and brought the vision of mankind far and far higher. Along with the invention of electricity, humanity has also applied to create a substitute for fire that is very important but also very dangerous to life. Based on the development of the science in general and of the need to improve the quality of life better, more luxurious, safer so the kitchen from birth. Nowadays in the world, Germany is known as the leading technology in the production of modern kitchen.
Lorca combines two well-known brands in Germany with Schott Ceran's glass and EGO's premium range of kitchen accessories to create the Lorca kitchen range. With the development process, the kitchen from Lorca has gradually been upgraded and improved to suit the design aesthetics, and cultural activities in different regions. Schott Ceran glass is the best strength, heat resistant, high scratch resistance to help the kitchen as new. Good glass helps to identify the bottom of the sensor sensitivity, precision control.
The Lorca kitchen is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The crazy line running through the wire in the kitchen belly generates the Fuco induction current. Electricity generates variable magnetic fields to the bottom of the pot and generates heat so that electricity use is up to 93%.
 All kitchens from Lorca have many features such as boiler overheat warning, child safety lock, automatic cooking timer for each cooking zone, overheating safety warning ... With model imported complete unit also features many features such as: inverter technology save energy 20-30% compared to the conventional kitchen, food warming mode 65,75,85 degrees, anti-spill mode Safe when using…
 Kitchen products from Lorca are backed by a two-year warranty, free shipping and attractive promotions. Third-country products typically cost between $ 6 million and $ 13 million. With imported Spanish products, Germany costs between $ 15 million and $ 30 million, providing the needs of many families.

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